About Us

A pioneer in integrated development, Mindwalk has amassed vast expertise in creating assets with our clients’ technology and workflow. The studio distinguishes itself with "high touch" services based on a lean and agile organization that allows senior management to be more directly involved in serving clients' needs. Above-the-norm intensity of communication, transparency, and personalized service are our watchwords.

In addition to providing the utmost in customer care and production quality, a key differentiator is Mindwalk’s ability to deliver assets in-game whether it be on “off the shelf” or proprietary engines. The company’s personnel have a proven ability to integrate a client’s proprietary engine or extensions into Mindwalk’s local infrastructure in an efficient, yet secure fashion.

What Makes Us Different …

Mindwalk Studios’ management team has more than 30 years’ combined management experience in Fortune 500 corporate settings. Excellence with process, workflow, project management, and resource planning is in our DNA. We adapt fluidly to any size project.

Our ability to communicate with clients is one area that our customers believe strongly differentiates Mindwalk from other vendors. Communication is not just the ability to speak English, but the ability to communicate on both process and on a cultural level.

Although planning is crucial, we also understand that clients do not know everything from day one. Changes in direction or technology can and do happen, so we stay flexible, working with clients to keep things manageable.

Technical Skills & Information Security
Mindwalk has the technical expertise to deliver digital assets that can be smoothly integrated. We collaborate using clients’ own tools and systems to deliver as close to “in-game assets” as possible. Secure infrastructure and processes safeguard our clients’ intellectual property during production.